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Digital Notions Motions Graphics is a new animation based content development studio that aims to bring in some of the very innovative concepts into kids TV entertainment area. The vision is to bring to the young bright minds original content combining fun and laughter. Hopefully, soon enough, you'll get to enjoy our ideas on your favourite TV channel. Till then please look out for and watch our updates on upcoming projects.


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Dino Borude
MD / Director of Animation

A passionate filmmaker who started off his career as an Art Director in advertising and moved his way up to Creative Direction. For around seventeen years, he conceptualized over 100 TV commercials, working for global agencies like JWT, DDB and BBDO. After concluding a short course in VFX and Animation from FX School and 2 years training as a BG Prep Artist with Rhythm & Hues Studio, Dino Borude used all his expertise and knowledge to setup Digital Notions Motion Graphics. A content based animation studio, with a purpose of leaving an indelible mark on the Indian Animation Industry.

Pavan Kumar
Director / Partner

Pavan Kumar has over two decades of experience in the world of branding, marketing communications and advertising. He has worked in advertising agencies (FCB< BBDO, JWT/Contract and DDB) all through his career with the initial years focused on the core agency responsibility of creating advertising campaigns. And as years passed by, attaining seniority, the expertise expanded to brand building and integrated marketing. Last decade or so, he has been in leadership position and for five years, as Country Head for Promoaction DDB, Saudi Arabia, was heading all the divisions of the agency offering integrated marketing solutions - core advertising, activation, shopper marketing and digital - to clients.

His areas of expertise include Brand Strategy, Brand Architecture, Integrated Marketing Communications, Consumer Insight, Creative Strategy, Team Development. His areas of interest include brand consultancy, design and marketing.

Idris Petiwala
Producer / VFX Coordinator

A heavyweight in the field of storytelling, Idris Petiwala carries over 3 decades of film production experience on his shoulders. Affluent not just in the art of filmmaking but also an enthusiastic tech creature, who keeps himself updated with the latest of the industry. Started as an Editor in the Indian Films and TV industry, he soon moved up to become producer on multiple projects, in India and abroad. He played various technical roles, a different one in each project- Direction, Cinematography, Editing, Production Design along with conceptual ideation and development. This power house stands out as an all-rounder with an enhanced ability to handle any type, style or complexity of project.

Suraj Kshirsagar
Animator / Coordinator

The calmness of a monk with the fire of the dragon in his heart, Suraj Kshirsagar can undoubtedly be personified as a champion of precision. Experienced in various aspects of Graphic Designing and VFX, he stepped into the animation arena a bit late. However, he skillfully managed to convert this delayed entry into an advantage by incorporating the 2D experience into his 3D skillsets. A highly valued associate of the company, Suraj is in charge of the technical quality control, pipeline and training of new entries. Armed with patience, he tackles the wildest of problems with utmost composure and accuracy, a highly esteemed quality. A natural leader, Suraj Kshirsagar believes that sharing knowledge is key to growth because the day you stop learning is the day you stop growing.

Harshal Bhaware
Head of Rigging / Modeling

Remember the old man in Kung Fu movies, who is always drunk and only sobers up when the hero goes to him and says “Master… teach me Kung Fu!” Yup! Harshal, the drunken master of Rigging, is always high on outrageous ideas that make sense of the maddest requirements. He is equipped with a variety of skillsets, starting from photography to software coding and everything in between. In charge of the rigging and modeling, he sentinels the frontiers of the planning to execution process at DNMG. A go-getter and keenly creative mind, Master Bhaware lives by a very profound code of a CG Artist - There are no real issues in 3D animation, as long at you can nunchaku them off with the right rigs.

Ankit Mehta
Animator / 3D Generalist

A dreamer, driven by passion for arts, crafts and comics, Ankit had decided to become a cartoonist even before he could become a teenager. His curiosity in cartoons grew in sync with his inquisitiveness towards computers. A celebrated artist in school, he studied Software Development at BV Polytechnic College and later enrolled into FX School to explore the various spheres of 3D Animation and VFX. One of the vibrant minds at DNMG, he continues to transcend his knowledge into impressive executions and yet takes every day as a learning experience.