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Sanket Shinde, aka Sanki – Aapla Marathi Manus.
The angry-young-man of Vasupaada. Sanki is always pissed about something or the other. Not scared of anything except failing in Exams. Which basically leads to an explosive thrashing from his mother.

Mandeep Singh, aka Monty – A squishy ball of emotions.
Always up for a fight. Monty is very aggressive but also very sensitive. Gets hyper quite quickly and cools down even faster. Not a great combination in a fight situation, on school ground or otherwise.

Jignesh Patel, aka Jaggu – The gujju calculator.
Life is a calculation for Jaggu. May it be a fight at school cricket ground or the conflicting events at Vasupaada. There’s always a calculative way out every problem. And if math doesn’t work, punch and run.

Peter D’Silva, aka Pastry – The sweet talker of the group.
The only levelheaded guy in the group, Pastry is brain among the five. He can sweet-talk his way out of any situation. The go to guy for every problem. But at times, even he can make some silly mistakes.

Baman Baltiwala, aka Basmati – The source of all complications.
May it be at school, Vasupaada, cricket, exam, politics, quantum physics or the string theory; Basmati has an opinion on everything. And when we say opinion, we mean the ability to mess a situation to level infinity.

Baba Shamdev…
Har smasya ka samadhan! Upaay hai ram ban! Buddha ho ya bachha, Baba nivaran karege sachaa! Property ka case ya office ka mess! Biwi ki nok-zhok ya girlfriend ki tok! Milti nahi pension ya exam ka tension! Aao BABA SHAMDEV ke pass… hojao bindass!!!