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The Rising - India’s first super-installation for a corporate brand. A project undertaken and completed with precision by BRANDCANVAS / HYPHEN for Indiabulls Finance Center (Mumbai, Lower Parel).

The Rising - a spectacular choreography of 10600 Cubes that expanse 50 feet wide x 31 feet height with a depth of 16 feet. Weight at 6.5 tons, it is truly a heavyweight of Art Installations.

The Rising – at first glance from the entrance depicts “Man with Wings” in its complete glory. While crossing the atrium, the viewer's changing POV reveals currency symbols to show Indiabulls beginnings as a financial company.

Strategically placed 10600 cubes create different forms from different angles.
The static structure cleverly uses the viewer's walk across the atrium to change form

The Rising – an eminent piece of modern-day art is conceptualized by Prasanna Sankhe – Founder / Partner at HYPHEN & BRANDCANVAS. It has won the DESIGN GRAND PRIX AT GOAFEST 2014 and Digital Notions Motion Graphics is proud to be associated with the project.

The Rising has been a great learning experience for us. It has provided DNMG Studio with unique insights that will be valuable to us in our future endeavours in the 3D world.