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If a picture can speak a thousand words, then a mascot can personify thousand times the branding a logo can ever symbolize. A resiliently integrated mascot can deliver much more efficiently than any logo. Hence the characterization of Dinoboy in sync with the functional personality of Digital Notions Motion Graphics (A Content Developer for the 3D Animation and VFX Industry) was a crucial job.

The SQUARE symbolizes the single PIXEL of the Digital Imaging Universe and DNMG’s calculated attention to detail. And the positioning of Dinoboy inside the Pixel emphasizes the “fun element” that is the integral part of DNMG’s operative style. Embedded into the DNA of the studio’s system.

Dinoboy (DINO + BOY) is a fun filled dinosaur that represents various aspects of the studio - Digital Notions Motion Graphics. He is a cool and vibrant velociraptor who enjoys trying out new stuff and experimenting with the unexpected. He is quite innovative when it comes to finding the “easy-way” out of a problem.

Dinoboy’s character is similar to a 5-year-old mischievous boy with an exceptional IQ. Though he doesn’t speak much, he is very expressive and smart enough to communicate without any known language or words. He speaks in SFX.

Why Dinosaur? The species has been extinct for millions of years and yet in today’s modern and advanced world dinosaurs still tantalize the imaginations of young and old alike. They have had a lasting impression on this world and surely will continue to do so in the future.

Why a Velociraptor? The word means “a swift seizer (or hunter)”. It is said to be a pack hunter (team player) and extremely agile. Apart from being perceived to be one of the smartest animals the velociraptor is suppose to be very vicious and aggressive – very much like the Digital Notions team that is always going to be thirsty for creativity.

Overall the Dinoboy will symbolize fun and swiftness and will carry the creative equity of the DNMG brand. It will represent Digital Notions Motion Graphics (A Content Developer for the 3D Animation and VFX Industry) - not as just a studio that produces animations – But as an abode of art that generates “thought provoking” ideas.