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At Digital Notions Motion Graphics - A Content Development Studio for the 3D Animation and VFX Industry, before our team starts working on any idea we make sure that the idea itself has potential to make it big. Well, one can never predict the intensity of the outcome, but we surely have certain parameters to gauge the prospective strength of the idea. CORE – The 4 Foundations of DNMG - A set of 4 key questions, which assures that the execution of the idea, will be on the right path, from the ideation stage till the completion.

‘C’ stands for Connect with the Audiences: Does the said idea connect with the target audience on a relevant level? Is the connection positively valid and strong? Is it relevant to the target’s cultural and customary habits? The “Connect Foundation” of DNMG Studio enables the idea to be worked in a direction that will be ‘acceptable’ to the set target group. If the idea is a total disconnect, then team needs to get it back on track before they can go ahead.

'O’ connotes Originality of the thought: Is the said idea original? Has anyone else attempted to work on a similar idea? Will the target group see the idea as original? The “Originality Foundation” of DNMG Studio is one of the most important parameters of the 4 Foundations.

It not only measures and questions the innovativeness of the idea but also intersects and influences the other 3 foundations (Connection, Reverberation and Engaging). DNMG Studio works tirelessly to maintain a creative approach at every step of production. Making sure we deliver nothing but the Original to our working partners and mainly to our viewers.

‘R’ represents Reverberation of the experience: Does the fundamental essence of the said idea have an imposing quality? Does it have the WOW factor? Will the experience echo in the minds of the target group? The “Reverberation Foundation” of DNMG Studio makes sure that the idea carries the dynamism characteristic in its DNA, right at the conceptual level. So, as the idea grows, the need to make an indelible impact grows from within.

'E’ implies the Engaging value of execution: Does the said idea provide the artist a viable platform for an enthralling execution? Will it have a gripping hold on the target group? Can it epitomize a lasting picture in the minds of the viewers? The “Engaging Foundation” of DNMG Studio is downright dedicated towards innovating new styles of executions. Ensuring the right style is designated to the right idea.