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Peter D’Silva – (PASTRY) - A cool dude who loves to showoff his basketball skills. Generally stays away from trouble and tries his best to keep far, far, far away from BASMATI.

Sanket Shinde - (SANKI) - AThe angry-young-man of the group. Enjoys throwing his weight around and bullying the rookies. Extremely blunt in passing judgments. Hates BASMATI to the core.

Mandeep Singh – (MONTY) - AThe mad bull of the group… is a bag full of enthusiasm and energy. Can get shelved because of the stamina vs fat ratio. Youngest in the group… he is not really aware of the BASMATI factor.

Jignesh Patel – (JAGGU) - AFearless tiger from outside but a petrified cat from within. Always eager to get into a fight but will be the first to slip out of it too. Especially if BASMATI is part of it.

Bamman Baltiwalla – (BASMATI) - The terror of Vasupaada. The nightmare of every person (no matter sleeping or awake). The penance of every sin. Watch out people! Here comes BASMATI. But why is he so feared? Watch the film and you’ll know.