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Digital Notions Motion Graphics - A Content Development Studio for the 3D Animation and VFX Industry (also known as DNMG Studio) is a Mumbai based Content Development studio and its abilities span across developing executional ideas on various fronts. DNMG Studio’s core expertise is designing productions that involve 3D Character Animation and also those that require integration of CGI elements with live action. So, whether your requirement is Advertising TV Commercials, MarCom Films, TV Series, Feature Films or any of the innovative Digital media… DNMG Studio can make it happen. No matter what special effects you have in mind for your production, DNMG Studio will design your execution, right from the conceptual stage to a finished production or anything in between.

A company is only as good as the people working in it. Even though Digital Notions Motion Graphics - A Content Development Studio for the 3D Animation and VFX Industry, is a relatively new setup, the expertise the team carries as cumulative experience is enormous. One can checkout the 17-year long advertising career’s portfolio of the MD / Director of Animation – Dino Borude, which is a collection of select commercials amongst over a hundred productions he has worked on. Also the experience gathered in working on Hollywood titles like – “Chronicles”, “Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters”, and the Oscar Nominated – “Snow White and the Huntsman”, some of the most popular titles, Dino Borude would wholeheartedly leverage, no matter what project he works on.

Similarly illustrious is the profile of the Director – Pavan Kumar Arcot who has been a part of the Advertising Industry for over 2 decades and his last designation being – Country Head – Promoaction DDB / Saudi Arabia. You can read more about the DNMG team in the TEAM section or the PERSONAL X PORTFOILIOS.

Since its foundation on 1st August 2013, Digital Notions Motion Graphics - A Content Development Studio for the 3D Animation and VFX Industry , has successfully launched its company mascot Dinoboy Wisdom that maintains a consistent dialogue with its 10,000 plus fans on the Facebook page and also has an active presence on Instagram, Tumbler, Twitter and Flickr.

DNMG Studio has created an efficient training module for its employees. The same is also used for creating experimental work. One such project got transformed into the award-winning Basmati film. Basmati – a Short Film (based on the lives of 5 Mumbai Chawl boys) won the Gold Award at the Delhi CG Animation Awards 2014.

The short film was followed by a music video – “Kachhaa Basmati Ka”, which showcases the creative choreography talent of DNMG Studio. A set of scripts is in place for new enthusiastic talents joining the company, who will work on small projects in groups as part of the training program. There are a variety of films getting formulated under the Basmati series as part of the DNMG Training and Experimentation Program.

The Rising – A Corporate Installation for the India Bulls Financial Center Building (Lower Parel - Mumbai) was a project that DNMG Studio worked on in collaboration with Hyphen / Brandcanvas. A concept that required a 3D space, to plan and design the structural outlook. Plus the workings of the installation were also planned in a 3D simulation before going into production. The Rising won the Gran Prix at the Goafest 2014. It is a cherished accomplishment for DNMG Studio.

Foodshala Season 3 – A cooking program launched on Colors Channel Dubai by K-Kompany and Kartwheels. DNMG Studio was the IT partner for the same and designed the marketing programs plus certain operational activities, including the consultation for Social Media presence. Foodshala has had 3 successful seasons till date and Kartwheels plans to carry-on the culinary fun for many years to come.

At present DNMG Studio is working on developing multiple concepts that will be (few already have been) presented to leading Kids Entertainment TV Channels – regional, National and International. As all Content Development and Conceptual work is highly confidential and can only be shared with the respective Channel teams, details of the same cannot be shared on this website. However, one can be rest assured that whatever concept is selected by the channel, DNMG Studio will do all in its power to maintain a highest quality content.

What is Digital Notions?

DIGITAL: (of signals or data) expressed as series of the digits 0 and 1, typically represented by values of a physical quantity such as voltage or magnetic polarization.

NOTION: a conception of or belief about something. "Children have different notions about the roles of their parents". Synonyms: idea, belief, concept, conception, conviction, opinion, view, thought, impression, image, perception, mental picture.

DIGITAL NOTIONS: Ideas that are enhanced, altered or simply presented via various forms of electronic media. It could be in the conventional 2D telecast or in the form of innovative 3D projections.